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Address Verification System by NIPOST is a technology initiative of the Nigerian Postal Services to bridge the physical addressing gap in Nigeria to help facilitate financial inclusion, e-commerce and the growing digital economy in Nigeria. The initiative is designed to improve national mail delivery, the efficiency of our emergency services and national security.
The Address Verification system by NIPOST platform extends the functionality of existing mapping platforms to enable every Nigerian or Resident to generate a digital address for anywhere in Nigeria for FREE.
You can use the digital address for commercial and private purposes, and all data are securely stored to ensure data privacy.
The NIPOST AVS solution seeks to create a centralised and up-to-date database of physical addresses and the details of their occupants in order to bridge the gap in data verification. It has built on a highly secure and reliable platform powered by Youverify, the Village Capital PayPal Fintech Accelerator programme winner. The solution, which was the winner of the of the seventh annual World Summit on the Information Society(WSIS) Prizes contest for 2018
The first step is to contact NIPOST through to register as an on-field verification or Business partner, an account will be provisioned for you which will be used to logon to Here, you can upload the details you intend to verify or use the API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate into your system.
Knowing that agents may have to visit areas with poor internet network service, the app has been designed to work offline. It is designed to allow the agents to sign in, Geo-tag and take pictures off-line. It will then synchronize as soon as it is connected to an internet network.
The most notable users of the AVS platform are the banks, who have the daunting task of verifying their customers in a bid to actualize the CBN’s Know Your Customer (KYC) mandate. Fintech companies will also find the platform useful for the same purpose.
Other users include cab-hailing companies who will have to verify their drivers, corporate organizations that need to verify new employees and individuals who need to verify the personal details of their domestic staff (drivers, cooks, nannies etc.)
Perhaps, the biggest beneficiary will be the ecommerce sector:
Overall, the AVS platform will be instrumental in the improvement of the national security infrastructure by creating a centralized and up-to-date database of physical addresses and details of their occupants. It also has the capacity to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in a commercially sustainable manner, as field agents.
You can download the Android and iOS versions of the app. However, you will not be able to login into your account except a provision is made for you by NIPOST or their Field Agent partners. read more @



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